Can’t Decide Which Phone to Buy

apple 6So my contract is finally up and although my iphone 5 is perfectly fine, I’m trolling through the interwebs trying to find out what new amazing phone is coming out next. According to,

The new phone will likely be announced this September. Reports earlier this month said that production of the iPhone 6s component parts is already well under way, and that Foxconn, which assembles the iPhone, is already taking delivery of the parts. Our sources say that parts production and assembly will ramp up sharply in August ahead of a fall launch.

That means I have to wait until September to upgrade. What is it about technology that makes you want to have the next latest and greatest thing? I mean, my phone works perfectly fine!

Thinking about buying a new Ipad also..

Well, since I can’t upgrade my iphone just yet (unless I want to buy a phone only to regret that a new one’s coming out right around the corner) I’m thinking about buying a new ipad. I’m thinking I only need the mini. My ipad 2 hardly stays charged and the built in speaker barely works. I found some great portable speakers at that I might buy but that doesn’t fix the battery issue.

I have issues spending all my money on tech if you can’t tell lol. Time to balance the check book and see what I have to spend 🙁

Best Video on How to Make a WordPress Website

Learning something new can take a very long time. Luckily, in this day and age you can find any tutorial you need on I was looking up videos on how to edit my wordpress theme and stumbled upon a great video teaching you how to create a wonderful looking website. These type of tutorials can save you hours upon hours of time learning. Check it out!

The video is 3hrs long of some great advice! Let me know what you think in the comments.